Kelly Martin

Product (UX) Designer


My work

Recent projects that highlight how I approach design challenges

My process

Empathize & define

  • Explore and understand problem space
  • Develop a hypothesis and ask the right questions
  • Empathize with and talk to the end user with an open-heart and open-mind
  • Observe, create empathy maps, define personas, find focus


  • Organize and synthesize research notes to inform ideation
  • Brainstorm, sketch and whiteboard, build mock ups in Illustrator or Sketch, wireframe, develop IA


  • Build low-fidelity paper models to high fidelity prototypes in InVision
  • Move ideas from one's head or computer screen into the real world

Test & iterate

  • Test design solutions with real users, in-person observations to remote usability testing
  • Learn, refine, and improve solutions
  • Iterate design to better serve the end user and to meet business' goals

About me

Round-the-world adventurer turned product designer,
passionate about designing for social impact and change.

I'm a user-centered product designer with diverse experience working with people to solve real-world challenges. My design approach is better informed by my past experiences in digital media, nonprofit management, and public education, all of which have influenced my work style: driven by impact and grounded by people.

When I'm not designing, I'm running, making ice cream, or traveling the world. In December 2016 I returned from a year-long independent trip around the globe, spanning 25 countries across 5 continents. I learned how to surf in Mexico, how to make wine in Italy, how to speak Spanish in Guatemala, and how to solve problems creatively with relentless optimism.

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